2018 – A Year for the Senses

At Do Good Events, we are often asked “What’s new in events?” In 2017, food trucks became the most desired food style for all kind of events. We also saw greater funds raised at events, as more and more groups commit to mobile bidding software. In 2018, we will see much of the same but so much more!

2018 events will be about engaging all of your attendee’s senses. Taste, touch, sight, hearing, and even smell will be factors for you to take into consideration when planning your event.

Taste While the food truck fad has not gone away, new food experiences are emerging. Small bite pairings are the latest trend for providing your guests a free beverage while dining. We will also see desserts transition from the signal to end a program, to more of an experience for guests. Think of creative options such as a s’mores bar that not only engages the taste and smell senses, but adds an element of fun.

Touch Technology is constantly at our fingertips. While one way to stand out may be to go “technology free”, we see more events favoring to foster technology growth in events. We’re going beyond basic social media to event specific apps and text-in photo galleries. Your guests will engage their touch to do so much more than bid in 2018.

Sight Virtual reality will really make its presence known in 2018. VR is an incredible way to transport your guest and do your story telling. Trying to show the work you do overseas? Now you can show them first hand with the VR systems that can be rented and branded for your event.

Hearing – Compelling stories have been and will always be the center point of an event. In 2018, we will continue to see a growing presence of young and diverse speakers that will encourage us to dream bigger, work harder, and do more to create change in our personal lives, in our business, and in our community.

Smell Smell. The scent most often forgotten at an event –  but what an opportunity! Consider bringing the outdoors in with flowers, pine, and scented water. Scent machines are a thing and can transform your space through the effects of essential oils – soliciting a range of emotions from the tranquility of eucalyptus and lilac to the energized scents of orange and cinnamon. We all know poorly managed scents (garbage, trash, etc.) can ruin an event; now imagine what you can do with the positive power of scent.

So, whether it is your next fundraiser, company employee appreciation day, or networking event, remember that 2018 is a year to engage. Let’s engage our whole selves to be present, to connect, and to create an amazing year of events!