Super Bowl Behind the Curtain

Super Bowl 52 took over the Twin Cities and the people of Minnesota responded with charisma, excitement, and pride! You may have taken it all in – – or gotten out of town. Our team enjoyed many aspects of the festivities and submerged ourselves in a few game-day opportunities. We wanted take a moment and “pull back the curtain” and share some takeaways and surprises!

1.Flexibility is key.

The Super Bowl is a large, moving target. Things change on the fly and the team needed to adapt consistently to situations out of their control. Sometimes this was exciting such as when elevators inside the stadium would go on lockdown and a celebrity would enter! Other times, it was frustrating such as changes in the perimeter that impacted entry to staff training.

Either way, the team handled this situations with professionalism and a smile! One of our teams checked over 6,000 coats in a few short hours. Their manager said, “Your team was awesome! Even though we just had five staff, we made it work and they were all great. One staff got a lot of praise as she worked the very special owners coat check and was able to adjust on the fly.”

2. It was Hard.

The elements were harsh on Sunday – it was cold, slippery, snowy, windy – you name it! Some of our team were serving as wayfinders and mobility assistants and this made it extremely difficult. While it was exciting to have a game that was close in score, having everyone stay in the stadium until the final whistle created congested exits and very slow walks to get guests safely out of the perimeter.

One of the managers we were collaborating with has worked many Super Bowls and said it was one of the hardest days in his event career. He applauded our staff saying, “Your managers did an excellent job on what was definitely a very challenging day.”

3. Fans were appreciative.

MN Nice is not just a thing – it is something Do Good Events believes in and embodies. Fans offered to tip our team for going the extra mile (they said no of course!), appreciated the warm welcome in the negative temperatures and enjoyed conversations learning about Minnesota and sharing their Super Bowl experience.

Our team all passed extensive security clearance that had to be completed months before the game and on-boarding with Do Good Events to partake in Super Bowl Sunday. Our clients raved that they trusted our team more than any of the teams they had in previous Super Bowl cities.

As event junkies, we were proud to partake in the Super Bowl – we are grateful to our team of event specialists that have received numerous accolades from the individuals we assisted to the clients we partnered with. The NFL created a fans first experience and our team fully embodied it. We are also extremely proud of our vendor friends that portrayed our city in such an incredible light. Super Bowl Sunday was a truly epic day and we can’t wait for more large-scale events in Minnesota and to continue planning and staffing events throughout the nation.

2018 – A Year for the Senses

At Do Good Events, we are often asked “What’s new in events?” In 2017, food trucks became the most desired food style for all kind of events. We also saw greater funds raised at events, as more and more groups commit to mobile bidding software. In 2018, we will see much of the same but so much more!

2018 events will be about engaging all of your attendee’s senses. Taste, touch, sight, hearing, and even smell will be factors for you to take into consideration when planning your event.

Taste While the food truck fad has not gone away, new food experiences are emerging. Small bite pairings are the latest trend for providing your guests a free beverage while dining. We will also see desserts transition from the signal to end a program, to more of an experience for guests. Think of creative options such as a s’mores bar that not only engages the taste and smell senses, but adds an element of fun.

Touch Technology is constantly at our fingertips. While one way to stand out may be to go “technology free”, we see more events favoring to foster technology growth in events. We’re going beyond basic social media to event specific apps and text-in photo galleries. Your guests will engage their touch to do so much more than bid in 2018.

Sight Virtual reality will really make its presence known in 2018. VR is an incredible way to transport your guest and do your story telling. Trying to show the work you do overseas? Now you can show them first hand with the VR systems that can be rented and branded for your event.

Hearing – Compelling stories have been and will always be the center point of an event. In 2018, we will continue to see a growing presence of young and diverse speakers that will encourage us to dream bigger, work harder, and do more to create change in our personal lives, in our business, and in our community.

Smell Smell. The scent most often forgotten at an event –  but what an opportunity! Consider bringing the outdoors in with flowers, pine, and scented water. Scent machines are a thing and can transform your space through the effects of essential oils – soliciting a range of emotions from the tranquility of eucalyptus and lilac to the energized scents of orange and cinnamon. We all know poorly managed scents (garbage, trash, etc.) can ruin an event; now imagine what you can do with the positive power of scent.

So, whether it is your next fundraiser, company employee appreciation day, or networking event, remember that 2018 is a year to engage. Let’s engage our whole selves to be present, to connect, and to create an amazing year of events!

Insights from the Intern

By: Conor Romig, Do Good Events Fall Intern 


Over the past three months, I have had the wonderful opportunity to Intern with Do Good Events. Throughout my time with what I would refer as the BEST event planning company in the Twin Cities, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined. Kalsey, Hannah, Kara, Michelle, and Megan are the hardest working women I have ever met and I am forever grateful for the knowledge and skills I have gained working alongside each of them! As my internship sadly comes to a close with Do Good Events, I decided to reflect on the MULTITUDE of things I have learned. With much difficulty narrowing down my thoughts, I was able to compile the top three things I have learned from my time with Do Good Events.


Work Well Under Pressure-

Within the event industry it is a fact that you will be required to work under pressure. This ability put me to the test at one of my favorite events, Abria. With close to 900 attendees, Abria was one of the largest events I had the opportunity to work at. I have learned that, large events comes with a lot of running around and last-minute changes. At this event, I saw Kalsey being pulled a million different ways at once, always remaining calm and composed, instilling in me how important being able to work under pressure truly is. I will forever remember this event for showing me the importance of being able to work well under pressure and the 40,000 steps I logged once the night had ended!  


Double Check, Triple Check and Then Check Again-

Seriously, it’s worth checking again. Within my first few events with Do Good Events it had became clear to me that anything and everything is worth checking over and over again. Fine details are often times vital to making an event flawless. Without them, events would not be possible. Without the proper materials, lists, or signage, an event can go from organized to hectic. Fortunately, we never experienced the second option at Do Good Events. This is largely due to the fact that everything is checked and ran through to reassure excellence. When working with table seating, one minor mistake with bid numbers can result for a crazy night or a very awkward situation.


Love What You Do –

By far the greatest thing I have taken away from my time with Do Good Events is to LOVE WHAT YOU DO. It is 100 percent clear from the first time I met everyone that each member of the Do Good Events team absolutely loves events. The hard work everyone puts into the smallest and largest details was inspiring to see. It showed how much each individual truly cares about the events they are helping to execute. Often times, it felt like we weren’t even working at all. My time working with Do Good helped me solidify my passion for the event industry and its perfect fit to my personality. Time spent working events and in the office never felt like a task, and I enjoyed every minute of every day. I am thankful and grateful to have found a passion for this industry!

My time with Do Good Events has been exceptional, and like I said, it was incredibly difficult for me to narrow down the three top lessons have learned from my experience. Learning about Event promotion, silent auctions, bidding systems and more have also been wonderful aspects of my experience and I cherish the opportunity to learn the in’s and outs of the event industry. Do Good Events is an exceptional company that I would recommend to anyone and everyone looking for somewhere to work or to plan their next event. I am excited to continue on with Do Good Events as an events specialist helping to put on successful events and continue working with the wonderful DGE team!


5 for 5 with Kalsey!

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” —Steve Jobs, Apple Inc.

Our very own Kalsey Beach, Owner and President of Do Good Events, lives this very mantra. She truly loves what she does and has produced great work along the way. As Do Good Events approaches it’s 5th Birthday in January, it seems appropriate to “take 5” with Kalsey and hear a bit more about not only DGE’s history, but Kalsey’s hope for the future.

So, here’s 5 questions for 5 years of business!

What made you want to start DGE?

“Simple, I saw a need. I saw people who understood the value of events and the incredible marketing and relationship building tool that events are; but at the same time, these individuals did not have the time, energy or ability to plan, execute and manage their events.

On top of that, I love events. They give me energy. Joy. Gratitude. Event planning is such a thrill for me, where it is very stressful for many (I’m often reminded that event panning is always ranked a top ten most stressful job!). I realized I had the ability to take this stress off of a client’s plate to allow them to truly be the host of their function and enjoy the event.”


It’s all about the name…how did you come up with “Do Good Events”?

“To be honest, I was really struggling with a name. Luckily, I was given the advice to just pick my favorite, as officially naming the business was really an invisible hurdle that was stopping me from taking the next steps (filing with the state, making a website, etc). In the end, events bring SO much good to the world so it seemed fitting!

Events bring people together – without events we don’t have dates to look forward to or memories to make. We truly believe in the power of events to advance missions, cultivate community and build relationships.”  

You have accomplished a lot in just 5 years; one in particular is becoming a Certified Woman Owned Business.


What does that mean to you?

“As a new mom to a little girl, honestly, this has a whole new meaning to me. I am honored by the role model impact our certification has allowed. I am blessed with a group of strong women around me executing awesome events.

I recently read a stat that 29% of America’s business owners are women – – an increase of 3% from 10 years ago. I couldn’t be more proud to be in the 29% and being one, of many, women showing my daughter she can be and do whatever she desires!”


What has been the most rewarding part of starting DGE?

“As event planners, we are lucky; we get to see a final product and hear about its impact. It is humbling to hear about relationships built, dollars raised and memories created at events. It is a special privilege to be a part of our client’s communities and that part is incredibly rewarding.

The other rewarding aspect has been growing a team. The days are so much more fun when you get to work alongside brilliant people and think creatively together!”


As we’ve been reminiscing on the past, I can imagine you think about the future of this company a lot. What do you think the next 5 years have in store for DGE?

“I would say, most importantly, continuing to execute exceptional events every time. I hope our work continues to exceed expectations and earn us recognition in the Twin Cities and beyond. And that our event goals continue to be reached – whether that be dollars raised, people impacted, relationships grown, etc.

From there, building the team – continuing to add rockstars to our team that have an innate passion for event planning and top-notch communication skills. I can’t wait to see what our office digs look like in five years…in fact, I’d love to see an event venue component along with our offices!”

Happy (early) Birthday Do Good Events; the past has been colored with many wonderful events and we look forward to what the future brings! Here’s to many more birthdays!

Recipe for Success: Meal Planning Insights

For events, food and beverage offerings can make a difference on how the occasion is
remembered, so it’s important to get it right. By adding a cup of strategy, tablespoon of creativity and a pinch of personalization, then mixing together with the insights below, the dining experience during your event is sure to be a hit!

1. Remember your audience – All menus should be balanced to accommodate the diverse audience, but if you know that a specific demographic is more heavily represented, the menu should reflect that.

2. Know your numbers – Get to know the history of the past events and understand attendee habits to assist in making the best financial decisions. Events tend to lose a certain percentage of guests for meal functions because of private meetings, other commitments, or those that may have already eaten before attending.

3. Be creative and engage with the venue – if the standard published menus don’t offer what you need for your theme or audience, don’t be afraid to ask for other options. Be up front about your budget, so the chef can best accommodate, and you can come to a decision faster.

4. Incorporate Seasonal and Fresh items – most venues do their best to source seasonal ingredients, but it’s also important to consider the region or location of the event for popular food items in the area. By incorporating regionally grown produce or proteins to reflect the locale, it will also ensure the freshest ingredients and maybe even help keep your budget in check.

5. Allow for a comfortable room setup and flow – choose the appropriate room layout that supports your event objectives and the scheduled meals. Always allow for people to spread out, especially if there is a presentation occurring while the meal is being served so that the notepads and pens don’t interfere with plates and glassware.

6. Combine camaraderie with culinary education – Depending upon the format of the event, allowing attendees to create their own signature dish or cook the entire menu together. It is a fun way to get attendees on their feet, add interaction and support relationship building while creating an unforgettable meal.

7. Consider the final presentation of food – It’s said by the best chefs that we eat with our eyes and nose before actually tasting. Whether it’s served plated or buffet, the meal should be visually colorful, fragrant and appetizing.

Susie Tucker is the Director of Culinary Sales and Experience at Cooks of Crocus Hill, a culinary retailer and educator in the Twin Cities.  More about cooking classes and private culinary experiences can be found at

6 Holiday Party Planning Tips

The calendar may have just turned to September, but planning for your holiday party is right around the corner. Your guests calendars will start to fill up quickly with events, so this year, why not try something different as you’re planning your next party? Here are 6 ideas to get you started and to spice up your holiday celebrations:

  1. Holidays Around the World

Try an international approach to this year’s menu selection and create an international cuisine for your guests. You can choose the more traditional options of Italian, Mexican and Asian, or expand your horizon and bring in popular dishes from Sweden, India, Ireland. The possibilities are endless. If you’re worried about food preferences, represent a variety of countries with the selection.

  1. Give Back

The holidays are a great time for giving and celebrating the community you’re involved in. Whether the intention is to bring a gift for a child in need or showcase your community partners at the event. There are also opportunities to create an activity as your holiday party: making sandwiches, packing meals, building hygiene kits…and the list continues. #DoMoreGood

  1. Create a Theme

Themed parties are not just for birthday parties! It’s a great way to create buzz and excitement around an upcoming event. Whether your theme is tailored around a popular movie/TV show, the mystery of a masquerade, or something more centered around your organization’s mission. If you don’t think your employees or friends and family will be excited about dressing up, bring your theme to life through the decorations and food.

  1. Embrace the Weather

Plan your event around fun winter activities. Yes, it’s going to be cold in November, December and January, but embrace it! Whether that’s trying out the Curling Center and warming up at the Crooked Pint afterwards, renting ice time at the Rice Park in downtown Saint Paul for skating fun, or flying down the hills while snow tubing. As Minnesotans, it’s easy to get bogged down (literally) with the snow and cold during the holidays; make this year different!

  1. Make it Interactive!

Many holiday parties and events are similar in nature; food, drinks and conversation. This is enjoyable, but if you want to stand out this year, you’ll have to try something different:

  • Hire a band and get your employees up and on their feet enjoying the night.
  • Create a casino night where guests can indulge in their risky side at the blackjack or roulette table.
  • Inflatable games and sumo suits which aren’t just fun for the kids anymore!
  • Bring in an improv comedian for some laughs and team bonding.
  • Build your own s’mores bar? Yes please!
  • Have a photobooth. Whether it’s a make your own selfie station with a variety of props or a professional photographer who brings their creative ideas, backdrops, etc. Remember, a picture says a thousand words!
  1. Impress with a new venue.

As you’re looking to host a corporate holiday party, the office is always a cost effective option. However, remember that the holidays are a time to celebrate your staff, the company’s success, and its future. The office is a place where people come to work every day; change it up and invest in a fun, unique venue for your guests to fully enjoy and get away from the office scene for one night!
The ideas and to-do’s are endless when planning a holiday party…but so is the stress! As you’re considering different ideas, venues and caterers this holiday season, consider Do Good Events to focus on your A-Z event logistics this year. We love events and we’d love to help make yours a blazing success!  

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