Our Team

Kalsey Beach


The power of events is incredible – – so is the impact of a wonderful team! I have loved being a part of thousands of events that impact our community for the greater good!

I am in my element when on-site at an event juggling all the logistics or coming up with a creative solution to an event curveball. I also love to weave the event goals and mission into the event experience in meaningful ways. Collaborating with our clients is such a joy!
Outside of Do Good Events, I love exploring the Twin Cities and new restaurants with my husband, spending time outside with our daughter, Kenley, on the lake or at the park and making memories with friends and family!
  • What is your DGE super power: This is tough! I am able to negotiate contracts to create a win-win for our clients and vendor partners…and navigate the waters of a small business with a lot of wonderful personalities under one roof!
  • Which store would you like to max out your credit card? Tough choice – maybe a place like Macys so I could purchase something for every room of the house and my closet!
  • One thing I’ve Checked Off My Bucket List: I have been lucky to do quite a few – skydive, surf, bungee jump, scuba dive the barrier reef, run the Boston Marathon, eat my way through Italy!
  • One thing still on it: Visit Iguazu Falls in South America!

Hannah Hegman

Director of Experience
After many years in the non-profit event space, I have come to know that events are my jam. I have had the opportunity to work with amazing companies and nonprofits to raise funds, strengthen the awareness of their brand, and build community. I am thrilled to be on this power team at Do Good Events  who are leading the way in innovative events that impact our community. I love the way we value partnership at Do Good Events and the passion that our team brings to every project. When I am working on an event, I know the stakes are high and I am determined to bring my best to every aspect of the event in order to elevate it and bring the experience to the next level.

I thrive on the unique challenges that each event presents and doing whatever it takes to strategize, organize, and execute to overcome these challenges. I am energized by the excitement, business, and unique character of events. Living in my strengths is extremely important to me in my everyday life and I am blessed to have found a career that allows me to do this every day.

 When I am not working on the next big event, you will find me spending time with my husband, Dana, and our kids, Titus and Chapel. My happy place is anytime spent on the lake, camping, or biking. When the winter keeps me indoors, I will spend hours putting together puzzles, watching movies, and enjoying copious amounts of apple cider and tea.
  • What is your DGE super power: My super power is taking my clients dreams, pinterest boards, and pie in the sky ideas and helping them realize that it CAN be a reality with just a little but of creative thinking.
  • Which store would you like to max out your credit card?  Does it have to be an one place?!?! I could easily go wild at a Home Depot or do some major shoe shopping at Opitz – or just let me loose on AMAZON!
  • One thing I’ve Checked Off My Bucket List: To run a destination 1/2 marathon before I turn 30 – Honolulu Hapalua 2018
  • One thing still on it: Hike Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon
  • Something you should know: I am chainsaw, jackhammer and forklift certified, so whatever your event throws at me, “I got this”!

Lainey Rodgers


An internship in college provided my first glimpse into the world of event planning. After that, I was hooked. The thrill of event day is like no other! My background is filled with success in large spectator events, client services and sponsorship activation. It’s been an adventure working with a variety of organizations and wonderful people.

I’m so delighted to be part of the Do Good Events team and contribute to the high standard of event execution we pride ourselves on event after event.

Outside the fast paced world of event planning, I like to slow things down by spending time with my husband and two kids. We like to stay active with our CrossFit gym and various kid activities. I love to be outside (nature is my friend) and if I have some alone time it’s usually spent reading.

  • What is your DGE super power: Organizing and arranging – making sure all the event pieces fit together perfectly.
  • Which store would you like to max out your credit card? Lululemon. I’m so happy to live in the time of athleisure.
  • One thing I’ve Checked Off My Bucket List: Skydiving, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!
  • One thing still on it: Travel to Australia.
  • Something you should know: I can balance a 9 pound bowling ball on my head.

Lucie Jane Mulligan

Event Manager
From day one, I’ve been a bit of an….opinionated person, in a good way! Growing up with two little brothers and a WILD imagination, I orchestrated parties and events, assigned roles to my little bros (and their friends!) and ordered them around to create my vision. I think they, and my whole family, are happy I’ve found my calling in the real world!
I have a degree in design and fashion, which allows me to approach events from a creative angle and give them a truly unique look and feel. I also have professional experience in accounting so I understand the in-depth budgeting side of events as well as the aesthetics. If you can’t create an event within the budget, if won’t happen! Both the creative and the analytical side are equally important: which is why my right brain/left brain mentality is perfect.  I see each event as an opportunity to create a unique experience for the attendees, and I love creating immersive events where the attendees are transported to another world.
When I’m not planning events, I love cycling (indoor and outdoor), traveling to visit friends around the states, and trying new restaurants with my amazing boyfriend, Cody. Our dog, Piper, is also a huge part of my life, we adopted her from Ruff Start Rescue in July and my Instagram has quickly become 99% her…
  • What is your DGE super power: My empathy! I have a huge heart and wear it on my sleeve.
  • Which store would you like to max out your credit card? Oooo, are Kayak.com or Airbnb.com options??
  • One thing I’ve Checked Off My Bucket List: Finding my dream career where I can help people achieve their event aspirations!
  • One thing still on it: Visit our family in Edinburgh! (Tentatively scheduled for Summer 2021!)
  • Something you should know: I thrive under pressure; I’ve designed and printed 200 copies of a last minute program in under 90 minutes, so whatever your event throws at me: I got it!

Susan Brauer

Event Manager
The power of face-to-face marketing and events has been the focus of my professional career for more than 15 years. Working with clients to help them achieve an environment and space where people can connect, gain educational and professional insights, network, and grow is so rewarding. I love event management because I’m regularly tapping into both the creative and strategic sides of myself. I also try to anticipate and minimize areas where snags may come into play and be prepared with a Plan B, (C, and D) “just in case.” However, there are also those times that I need to think “fast on my feet,” and I’m happy to take a deep breath, stay calm, and dive in to find a solution. Outside of work, I love to travel and experience new places and cultures. I also love to downhill ski, scuba dive, bike, and take walks along the lake that’s just three blocks from my home.
What is your DGE super power: Being able to break down, organize, and manage the tasks it will take to get to the finish line while never losing sight of the all-important “Big Picture.”
Which store would you like to max out your credit card?AAA Travel Store. I can spend hours looking at all the different suitcases, backpacks, travel books, and accessories while dreaming of my next trip.
One thing I’ve Checked Off My Bucket List: Spending a week on a Live-Aboard Dive Boat (Cayman Islands at the turn of the millennium (Y2K). I thought if computers go down and I get stuck somewhere – I might as well be on a dive boat in the Cayman Islands)
One thing still on it:Live at least one year in another country.
Something you should know: Before my career in events, I made a living as the lead singer in a 6-piece pop/rock cover band. We traveled throughout the US and also had the honor of entertaining US troops in Asia and Europe.

Betsy Mulvehill

Event Coordinator
Event planning, organizing, multi-tasking – all things that come easy to me. They say to find something you are good at, enjoy…and then do it. That is something I’ve committed to achieving in every opportunity that has come my way. After many years working in the PR/marketing world, where events was a key focus, I decided to transition into wedding and event planning. Handling every detail from A to Z gave me an opportunity to exercise my creativity, sense of style, “can do” attitude and ability to manage many moving parts. Additionally, I am a yoga and fitness instructor at a studio in Edina. After taking yoga training several years ago, I found a love and skill for teaching. Outside of working, I love spending time with my husband Patrick and our two kids – Maryn and Gavin. I love to travel, try new restaurants, stay active with varied workouts (yoga, strength training, running, etc.) and spend time with family and friends.
  • What is your DGE super power: Organizing and multi-tasking
  • Which store would you like to max out your credit card? Nordstrom and Zara (too hard to pick one!)
  • One thing I’ve Checked Off My Bucket List: Traveling to many places in Europe (with my favorite being Paris and the coastal towns in Spain, France & Italy), traveling to New Zealand (where I did skydiving and bungee jumping in the same day!) and attempting to surf in Costa Rica. My husband is a big surfer so I tried, but IT.WAS.SO.HARD!
  • One thing still on it: Travel to South America, Africa and Thailand.
  • Something you should know: : I’m a morning person. That terrifies many people, but I can wake right up and go!

Jenna Yockim

Event Manager

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved going to and planning events. Whether it is a small birthday party, large gala, or casual fundraising event, I love it all! After working in Finance and Marketing for over 12 years, I’ve always found myself drawn to and assigned to the event planning needs big and small. You’d think I’d get my fix at work, but I love events so much that over the last five years I’ve spent my free time volunteering as an event and fundraising coordinator for a dog rescue.

When I’m not working or volunteering, you can find me attending and supporting local events (surprising I know), spending time with my pup, Ella, or traveling to see family.

  • What is your DGE super power: Passion – I love helping organizations create and execute amazing events that I truly believe in and give my all to!
  • Which store would you like to max out your credit card? Target – they get me every time I go there for something simple!
  • One thing I’ve Checked Off My Bucket List: Traveling around the world on a cruise ship
  • One thing still on it: Checking out the restaurant and theater scene in NYC
  • Something you should know: I’m a night owl. I’m happy to get up early if needed but I’m more than willing to help with those evening needs!

Mary Pat

Event Manager

Ali O'Reilly

Event Assistant
I love the feeling of accomplishment when an event goes off without a hitch. Being newer to the event space, it has been rewarding to see how events bring together communities, rally people around a cause, and ultimately raise money to chip away at real world issues! My background is within career coaching and internship management in higher education. Within my roles I often planned job fairs and career-related events, and also oversaw large grants. After 6 years in this space, it became clear to me that I thrived most when I was leading a project and seeing it through to completion. Translating this skill to event administration has been a natural leap, and I love supporting Do Good Events’ planners! When I am not working on the next big event, I am usually spending time with my sweet family. I have been married to my best friend, David, for 10 years and have two young children: Addie and Brennan. When I find time for myself I love trying out new Minneapolis restaurants, spending time at my family’s lake home, going on walks in Minnesota parks, and, just to keep it really honest… watching dumb reality TV shows!
  • What is your DGE super power: My super power is filling in the gaps when I don’t have all the information. I love taking a client request that is a little unformed and running with it! Oftentimes I come up with something they didn’t even know they wanted.
  • Which store would you like to max out your credit card? Definitely TJ Maxx or Home Goods!
  • One thing I’ve Checked Off My Bucket List: To run a 10 miler – I didn’t think I could do it because I’m not the most athletic person; but I did it just one year postpartum!
  • One thing still on it: To see Italy and Greece
  • Something you should know: I love to sing and recently had the honor of singing a solo in a friend’s wedding.