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3 Event Branding Strategies

Think back to the last event you attended; hopefully the company logo and colors were present, but what other details do you remember? Perhaps it was the energy in the room or the meaningful end-goal of the event. If it is executed well, event branding is an authentic feeling all of your attendees should experience.

Do Good Events helps clients accomplish meaningful event branding in multiple ways. Below are three ways to make your event brand more than just a logo:

  1. Select A Powerful Tagline

When planning multiple day conferences, such as an employee training weekend, be mindful of the attendees and the amount of information they are receiving. To help keep them engaged, they need an overall reason why they are there (besides the fact that it’s mandatory). Having a tagline that showcases exactly why they are there and the meaning behind their job can be a motivating factor.  

Event branding taglines:

  • “Together Better.” – MN Credit Union
  • “Bold Frontiers: Lighting the Way for the Future.” – The Way of the Shepherd
  • “Capture the Experience, Unleash the Adventure” – Outdoor Adventure Mobile App
  • “Technology Fluent. People Powered.” – Business Consulting Company
  • “Challenge The Ordinary” – Marketing Company
  1.  Upgrade Your Decor

Step away from doing the same decor that is done each year. Instead, place your logo on items that are new or may even be untraditional:

  • Stir Sticks
  • Cupcakes & Cookies
  • Coasters
  • Gobos on the wall  
  • Take-out containers
  • Giant balloons or balloon wall
  • Logo on champagne bottle or glasses and host a bubbly bar
  • Step & Repeat
  • Branded games for attendees to play
  • Timeline of company history
  • Branded directional signage, from floor stickers to yard signs
  1. Creative Swag

Get attendees excited & keep them excited by offering thoughtfully selected, branded swag.  This will help carry out your event brand even after the event is complete.

Top event branded swag items:

  • A well made & trendy backpack or messenger bag: likely to use often & helps them carry materials equally on their back.  
  • A sleek matte tumblr: To keep their drinks hot/cold all day long!
  • Back massager: To alleviate stress and as a reminder to take care of your body.
  • Keep it simple with the more cost effective options: chapstick, notebook, stress ball, and hand sanitizer.

There are many opportunities to showcase your brand at events. Don’t be afraid to take risks and add in branded elements that you haven’t tried before. Hopefully you gained new ideas to better brand your upcoming event!

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