4 Event Trends in the New Year

2019 is upon us and with it comes a whole new list of trending concepts to consider when elevating your event. We are always asked “what’s trending?”; so we have picked a few of our favorite trends that we are excited to incorporate into our events in 2019 and beyond!

Coffee Bars:

In 2018 and just before that, dessert bars were really stealing the show at the end of the evening. From s’more bars to action stations, dessert was no longer Jack and Jill preset on tables, they become a part of the guest experience! In 2019, we will see an addition to this in the form of coffee bars. More and more vendors and venues are creating ways to offer specialty coffee drinks and build your own coffee bars that are a perfect accompaniment to your dessert time. Coffee is standard at an event, but now the experience can be anything but ordinary.

Wellness Initiatives:

Incorporating wellness into business meetings, employee engagement events, and conferences is not necessarily a novel idea – but the importance of wellness and providing wellness opportunities are growing! Gone are the days of marathon sessions, basic food, and standard meetings. Today, we see morning walking groups that kick off a conference, traveling yoga teachers that bring the class wherever you are, and employee wellness initiatives that kick off in a big way at their event. Even the food is taking a turn to healthy with trail mix bars and sparkling water with all the fixing being the latest favorites for the health conscious event.

Silent Auctions:

Nearly every fundraising event we are a part of has an element of a silent auction, but they are A LOT of work and often don’t provide the ROI (return of investment) that our clients are hoping for. The motto “less is more” is beginning to resonate as we see events have greater success with providing less options at hire values or more targeted to their audience. Having less items leads to more competitive bidding. By targeting the items to your specific audience, you will increase their interest in the auction. So, instead of blanketing the town with requests and trying to get as many donations as possible, 2019 will be a year of strategically thinking about what will raise the most money at the event and then going out with a clear initiative and purpose for securing those items.


Events have a certain flow and structure that have stood the test of time for success. In 2019, your event will stand out by the decisions you make throughout the planning process that makes the event uniquely yours and true to the mission. From who you ask to sponsor the event, to where you host it, and how you decorate it, every element is a testament to your brand. If you find yourself making a decision because another industry leader does it that way, use this as a sign to stop and question if that decision is authentic to your organization and mission. Don’t follow the leader, forge your own path – your audience will be loyal to you for it!

So if you want to by trendy in 2019 be sure to consider

  • Caffeinate your dessert bar
  • Activate your attendees
  • Target your ask
  • Always be true to your brand

Whether you are planning a brand new event or have an established event that has been running for years, it is always important to have an eye on what is trending. Trends help us elevate our events and create fresh experiences for our guests. You don’t need to try it all, but pick one or two great new elements to introduce to your events and see how it will surprise your guests.

If the thought of adding “trends” to your to do list seems overwhelming, reach out to and see how we can be a resource for your event!

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