Lunch n’ Learn: Increase Leads and Build Relationships

Many businesses use events to thank clients and reward employees. Non-profits often plan big galas to raise money and thank donors. But the smartest business owners and non-profits know planning and hosting small but recurring events can generate leads and build client relationships. A lunch n’ learn series is an event marketing strategy that, with a little help, is easy to implement and can lead to big returns.

Lunch n’ Learns Themes: The Possibilities Are Endless

You can choose from countless themes and topics for your lunch n’ learn series. Some professionals choose to keep their themes specific to their businesses or industries. You might choose to highlight a product or service or talk about industry trends.

Or, you may choose to bring in an expert on a different topic that’s important to your target market. A fitness center, for example, may bring in a chiropractor to speak on spine health or a nutritionist to discuss healthy eating. If your audience is primarily other business owners, you may bring in a financial expert or someone with insights into local business issues. Depending on the size of your organization, these experts may be in-house or come from an outside company.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Lunch n’ Learn

Lunch n’ learns can be easy to plan and implement if you have a little help. Consider delegating the planning to an employee or hire an event planner to help you make your lunch n’ learn a success. Having help makes preparations and execution go more smoothly.

Whether you’re planning your lunch n’ learn alone or with your event planner or employee, here are some questions to help guide you through the planning process:

  • Who is your target audience and how will you promote your lunch n’ learn to them?
  • Where will you hold the seminar?
  • Will you have access to A/V equipment or bring your own?
  • What handouts will you provide?
  • What kind of door prize should you offer?
  • How will you thank your guests?

Lunch n’ learns are a great marketing tools to build relationships and increase leads. For help planning your next lunch n’ learn series, contact Do Good Events today.

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