Networking Etiquette: Part 2

We all know that networking with others can be awkward and uncomfortable at times. However, if you know the proper way to go about making that connection it can be as simple as 1-2-3…..

Simple tip #1: Be humble. Show interest in others. Seek influence for the sake of making people’s lives better.

Simple tip #2: Remember people’s names and stories. Try entering a group of 2-3 people especially if you have a hard time remembering names.

Simple tip #3: You genuinely want others to succeed. Figure out how you can help each other. Don’t just say, “What can you do for me?”

Now that you have some helpful tips, here are a few things that you should stay away from when networking:

  1. When you meet someone new, don’t spend more time talking about yourself than asking questions about them.
  2. Don’t put yourself down in the presence of others. Showing a lack of confidence is not the way to be remembered!
  3. Don’t awkwardly force yourself into a conversation. Find the right time to introduce yourself and ask if you can join the discussion.

Now that you have the do’s and don’ts of networking, step out of your shell and give it a shot!  Networking is a wonderful opportunity that can open doors and create influential business relationships.

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