Summer Picnic Tips

Did you know June 18th is National Summer Picnic day? Plan appropriately for your cherished and honored summer tradition.

Where to host:

Most public parks and recreation areas allow for group picnics and outings.  Just make sure to plan ahead and call regarding whether it’s legal to serve food and alcohol.  You might want to take in consideration whether or not there are public restrooms nearby as well as covered areas in case of bad weather.

What to serve:

Make sure to keep it simple and SAFE.  Keeping foods cold is the best advice to remember and try to avoid foods with ingredients prone to spoiling in the heat, especially mayonnaise.  Sandwiches are a great picnic solution that can be made ahead of time and are easily transported.  Pair with some safe and easy side dishes and you’ve got yourself a perfect picnic menu.  Make sure to pack plenty of clean cutlery and serving utensils.

This link will give you some great tips on what foods are safe to keep out of the refrigerator and how to transport foods safely too:

What to pack:

Think about comfort as much as the food!!  If the picnic area doesn’t include tables and chairs, consider pillows and a blanket big enough for your party.  Perhaps a waterproof picnic blanket is called for if it has just rained.  Keep umbrellas in your car just in case some light sprinkles are forecasted and pack a first aid kit supplied with sunscreen, bug spray, antiseptic wash, bandaids and gauze, just in case.

What to do:

A fun, friendly game of kickball can keep just about anyone busy and all you need is one ball.  Talk about easy transport.  Pack along a portable CD player or speakers for your iPod or iPhone and entertainment is taken care of!

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